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Goretti Publications


Goretti Publications seeks to make a wide variety of books, both original and classic, available to the world in beautifully typeset digital and print editions. Here, you will find everything from theology and philosophy to adventure novels, all free for your edification and enjoyment.


Biblia Sacra iuxta Vulgatam Clementinam

Ed. Michaele Tvveedale (Permalink)

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This is the definitive edition of the Latin Vulgate Bible, the complete text of the Clementine version, that used in the Breviary and Missal (with minor interruption) until the advent of the Novus Ordo. Published in London in 2005, it bears the Imprimatur of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, and was produced by the The Clementine text project. This text was generously released into the public domain by its editor, and has been typeset from the plain text version completely new. It also includes, unlike Tweedale's text, the Apocrypha traditionally included in Vulgate texts. Rigorously reviewed, this is the best electronic text of the Vulgate available. 567 pp., Latin. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) | HTML (free).

The Holy Bible, Douay-Rheims Translation

Eds. Dennis McCarthy, Tad Book (Permalink)

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This text of the Holy Bible, which has long been a favorite of English-speaking readers, was generously and meticulously transcribed into electronic form by Dennis McCarthy of Atlanta, GA, and Tad Book, a student at the Pontifical North American College in Rome. Initially released in 11X6, it was uploaded to Project Gutenberg, where it remains available in multiple formats. This edition, like the original printing of the edition revised and annotated by Bishop Richard Challoner, contains the entire canon of Scripture, along with three apocryphal books, which have been traditionally included in printings of the Bible. Two other books are included in the original English translation and spelling, to give an idea of the nature of Bishop Challoner's revisions. Completely retypeset, this edition is a treasure for any Catholic. 568 pp., English. PDF (free) | HTML (free). .

De Regno; vel De Regimine Principum

St. Thomas Aquinas (Permalink)

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The classic work written by St. Thomas Aquinas to the king of Cyprus, detailing the nature of kingship and its purposes. A monumental work, it contains principles applicable not only to monarchical government, but to all governments and to political society in general. Extends not only from the nature of government, especially kingly government, and its exercise, but even to concerns such as where and how to found a city; the nature of law; and so forth. Excellent for students of government as well as students of the medieval Latin in which it was written; also excellent for political philosophy. Well worth the effort of reading; reproduced here in the original language, Latin. 134 pp., Latin. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) | HTML (free).

Summa Theologiae

St. Thomas Aquinas (Permalink)

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This beginners' textbook in theology, never finished by St. Thomas Aquinas, sets out to summarize the entirety of sacred theology. Used as the primary teacher of sacred theology in seminaries for centuries, it had the unique privilege of being kept open on the altar during the Council of Trent, so that the fathers of the Council could always and immediately draw from its wisdom, the only book besides the Sacred Scriptures themselves accorded this honor. The great Leo XIII, of happy memory, stated in his encyclical Aeterni Patris that St. Thomas Aquinas should be the basis for any Catholic philosophical and theological education, and this is the greatest of St. Thomas's works. Its value cannot be overstated.

The fifth volume, Tertia Partis Supplementum, is in fact a conglomeration of some of St. Thomas's other writings, and is not a part of the Summa Theologica proper. We hope to offer it along with these four volumes soon; for now, however, only the four original volumes are currently planned. Published in the original Latin.


S. Aurelius Augustinus (Permalink)

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St. Augustine's Confessions is undoubtedly one of the most influential books penned throughout history. Describing the great saint's long lifetime, from his birth, to his pagan father and his devoutly Christian (and indeed canonized saint) mother, St. Monica, the book recounts St. Augustine's journey from mischievous youth to dissolute adult to baptism and Christian life in moving and specific terms. Presented here in its original language, Latin, the work is a testament to the famous and beautiful passage from its very first paragraph: fecisti nos ad te, et inquietum est cor nostrum, donec requiescat in te. "Thou hast made us for Thyself, and our heart is restless, until it rests in Thee." With nearly six dozen pages of explanatory notes, an index of chapters, a thorough table of contents, and Scriptural references marked off as they appear in the text, this volume can be a treasure. 211 pp., Latin. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) | HTML (free). .

The Distributism Debate

Br. Alexis Bugnolo, John Clark, James Fitzpatrick, John Sharpe, Thomas Storck, Thomas Woods, et al. (Permalink)

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A chronicle of a debate about distributism, rather than a justification or critique of it in itself. In the early years of this century, an informal debate was sparked on the Internet by an article written by John Clark in Latin Mass Magazine attacking distributism, a system of economics intended to conform to the social teachings of the Church. This debate, spanning multiple venues and many authors, has been reproduced in this single work with the sole exception of the original article. Also included is a list of references for the original articles, along with two lengthier pieces justifying the two positions. An educational read for anyone interested in Catholic social teaching, even those who already have a strong opinion on the subject. 157 pp., English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) | HTML (free). .

Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described

Fr. Adrian Fortescue (Permalink)

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Fr. Adrian Fortescue (adventurer, liturgist, calligrapher, organist, scholar, and first and foremost priest) dedicated his life to the service of Christ, and much of his mind to the study of the liturgies of Christ's Church. In an effort to help support his parish church, St. Hugh, Father Fortescue decided to correct a long-standing lacuna in English-language Catholic literature: the lack of a thorough guide to the liturgical ceremonies of a normal parish church. In so doing, he created a masterpiece, a faithful guide that has assisted English-speaking Catholics throughout the world ever since. Covering the ceremonies of the Mass, first and foremost; the specific ceremonies of the liturgical year; the other sacraments celebrated in parish churches or in homes; and the ceremonies of the ritual, this work is comprehensive and immensely instructive. Completely retypeset, with the text optically scanned and then carefully edited by hand for correctness, this edition also presents completely redrawn diagrams of all the ceremonies, as well as a page detailing the common appearance of a few of the vestments referenced in the work. A treasure for any Roman Catholic library. 309 pp., English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free).

The Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy

Fr. Adrian Fortescue (Permalink)

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Fr. Adrian Fortescue (adventurer, liturgist, calligrapher, organist, scholar, and first and foremost priest) dedicated his life to the service of Christ, and much of his mind to the study of the liturgies of Christ's Church. Incredibly well-versed in liturgies, including those which are no longer celebrated, Fr. Fortescue has produced what is likely the most important English-language book about the Roman liturgy in existence. (It concerns, of course, the liturgy last promulgated in 1176 [1962], since subsequent Roman liturgies are really new creations.) The work cites original texts in original languages, particularly Latin, Greek, and Hebrew; however, it is still eminently accessible and profitable for readers unfamiliar with these tongues. Full of references to sources in multiple languages, this incredible work demonstrates conclusively that the Roman liturgy is apostolic in origin and a uniquely beautiful expression of our Faith. 1X1 pages; English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free).

Rightful Aspirations

David Sonnier (Permalink)

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Many people have questioned the need for the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. According to these skeptics, the people who wanted to have access to the Traditional Mass of the Latin Rite already had access to it resulting from Ecclesia Dei (1988), in which Pope John Paul II asked bishops and clergy throughout the Church to respect the "rightful aspirations" of those requesting it. This book will convince you otherwise. It is the true story of a six-year effort of an Army officer to work within the system and obtain access to the Traditional Mass for himself, his family, and other soldiers and their families. Were he a mediocre soldier it would be easy to brush off this disturbing story. Instead, it comes from a 1981 West Point graduate who loved the Army and was in every way a model soldier: principled, talented, multilingual, and able to handle diverse responsibilities, such as Special Forces Detachment Commander, General's Aide, and any number of jobs requiring an advanced degree in Computer Science. He watched as Catholic chaplains he trusted manipulated the system to ensure that no instances of the Traditional Mass emerged, while they systematically worked to destroy the faith of anyone committed to Catholic Tradition and undermine the authority of the Catholic Church from within the ranks. At some point, as he puts it, "it was no longer possible to serve in an Army in which Witchcraft, Voodoo, and Wicca are generously supported by the chaplains and the Mass of the Ages is forbidden." Rightful Aspirations serves as a shocking example of the failure of Ecclesia Dei and the need for a stronger statement from the Holy Father which, unfortunately, came far too late for many. 220 pp., English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) | HTML (free).

Father Damien: An Open Letter

Robert Louis Stevenson (Permalink)

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This is a truly remarkable work from one of the best adventure writers of our or any time. Typically engaged in the authorship of such delightful excursions as Kidnapped and Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson read a denunciation of Father Damien of Molokai---the priest who famously gave his life in the service of the lepers of Molokai island, and has since become Saint Damien---and was concerned. Stevenson, himself a Protestant, was troubled by the denunciation he'd read in a religious paper, which had been written by a fellow Protestant. It is a scathing response to the author, a systematic take-down of style and substance, without ever descending into profanity or vulgar sniping. Stevenson reveals himself to be an author and thinker of surprising depth. Short and well worth a read. 13 pp., English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) | HTML (free).

Fiction and Literature

The Napoleon of Notting Hill

G. K. Chesterton (Permalink)

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Gilbert Keith Chesterton is well-known for some of his lighter works, particularly the famous Father Brown mystery series, many of which have been turned into a television show. He is also known for such nonfiction works as St. Francis of Assisi and The Everlasting Man. However, The Napoleon of Notting Hill was his first novel, a piece of what might be called science fiction (insofar as it is about the future), but which is really more an exploration of timeless concepts than of temporal situations. Long before Orwell made the year 1984 famous, Chesterton set this great story in that year, exploring notions of local patriotism, war and peace, and what happens when a man "finds a thing to love." A humorous, yet deep novel worth reading. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) | HTML (free).

The Hero's Tale

Donald P. Goodman III (Permalink)

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A very long poem at 760 (decimal 1080) lines, The Hero's Tale is a detailed rumination on the journey of the soul from pagan despair to Christian hope and finally to the finish, divine love. Deeply symbolic, the poem draws on the traditional imagery of Western Christendom, particularly Gothic architecture and the Psychomachia, along with using a great deal of other traditional symbolism, especially color, time, and season. Sadly, much of this imagery is unknown in our day; the book, therefore, presents extensive marginal notes identifying the sources of its imagery in Scripture, in artistic traditions, and so forth, along with explaining the meaning of the various symbols. Originally published right here on Goretti Publications, this short booklet is a great companion to the poem, particularly those who want to more more about its deep symbolism. 31 pp., marginal notes. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) |

Smoke Bellew

Jack London (Permalink)

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Though less famous than some of his other works, particularly The Call of the Wild and White Fang, Smoke Bellew is arguably the best of London's books, and is certainly worth a read by any lover of his writing, or indeed even anyone interested in a fine and engrossing adventure. The tale of a journalist who heads to the Klondike on a reporting expedition, but chooses to stay for the good, clean, hard living, Smoke Bellew is a masterpiece of Klondike literature, full of engrossing characters, exciting dogsled races, mysterious hidden gold mines, daring rescues, and incredible hardship met with bravery and aplomb. Well-written and richly illustrated, Smoke Bellew is a joyful read for all ages. 183 pp., English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) | HTML (free).

Collected Poems

Joyce Kilmer (Permalink)

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Widely known during his life for his most famous poem, "Trees," Joyce Kilmer was a prolific poet and essayist of the early years of the last century. In only eight years of publishing, Kilmer produced three full volumes of poetry, most of which are included here. Converted to Catholicism, with his family, in 1135 (1913.), Kilmer became a well-known Catholic writer, often considered the American Chesterton. Kilmer was tragically killed in the trenches in World War I. Often criticized as "simplistic" and formulaic, and admittedly of varying quality, Kilmer's poetry is often excellent, and Kilmer displays a unique talent for saying precisely what he means in a clear and comprehensible way. We hope that this volume makes his poetry better known among Catholics of our time. (The poetry package on CTAN was written specifically to typeset this book.) 106 pp., index of first lines. English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free)

The Betrothed

Alessandro Manzoni (Permalink)

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Renzo and Lucy are betrothed; but Don Roderick, a local baron, threatens the vicar to prevent their matrimony. Father Christopher, the saintly Capuchin friar at a nearby convent, intervenes to assist them; but before long, the couple is engulfed in events that are far above their heads. Famine; food riots; flight; duplicity; kidnapping; repentence; redemption; plague; and, above all, Providence. All are major players in this drama of northern Italy in the midst of the troubles and chaos of the Thirty Years' War. More than a drama of events, however, this is a drama of characters; we meet saints and sinners, repentant and unrepentant. No cardboard cutouts, these characters are complex and realistic, with motivations and outcomes to match. This is a masterpiece of the medium, well worth a close and detailed read. 283 pp., English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) | HTML (free).

The War Poetry of Siegfried Sassoon

Siegfried Sassoon (Permalink)

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The First World War gave rise to a large body of deeply poignant poets; but few can claim the moving profundity of Siegfried Sassoon. The son of the disinherited scion of a wealthy Jewish family, Alfred Sassoon, and an Anglican, Theresa Thornycroft, Sassoon had enough independent wealth that before the war he mostly played cricket and wrote traditional, nature-focused, Romantic-style verse. Upon enlistment, however, and his lengthy stints on the Western front, his poetry rapidly became dark, tormented verse, contemplating the nightmare of the trenches, staring down the barrels of guns and the glinting points of bayonets---and driving them into enemies, as well. Haunted by the war his whole life, Sassoon found peace and solace only in his later years, upon conversion to the Catholic religion; but his poetry of the war years, his most powerful and affective work, should be mandatory reading for those who have the public trust, and is profitable for the rest of us, as well. 65pp., index of first lines. Purchase in Print | PDF (free)

Shakespeare: The Sonnets

William Shakespeare (Permalink)

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Shakespeare's importance in the history of English literature, particularly poetry, cannot be underestimated. Indeed, this entire style of sonnet has come to be known as "Shakespearean" after him, since he was such an undisputed master of it. This series of 10X sonnets is widely regarded as the perfection of the form. Here reproduced in their original spelling (with a few minor exceptions detailed in the text), Shakespeare's sonnets are exposed and enjoyed in their full original vigor and vitality. No lover of English or poetry can do without reading them at least once. ages. 79 pp., index of first lines, English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) | HTML (free).

Quo Vadis: A Narrative of the Time of Nero

Henryk Sienkiewicz (Permalink)

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Vinicius, a Roman patrician just returned from the wars in Armenia, falls in love with Lygia, a hostage taken in the northern wars and adopted by noble patricians Aulus and Pomponia Graecia. Little did he suspect, though, that Lygia is a Christian; he and his uncle, Petronius, react to this as typical pagan Romans, and seek to take Lygia for Vinicius by force. Over time, however, Vinicius changes, while Petronius doesn't. The author presents a vivid picture of the grandeur and corruption of Nero's Rome, and an incredibly compelling narrative of how the viewpoints of Vinicius and Petronius diverge as Vinicius approaches the new faith. Exploring the great fire and subsequent persecution, this novel is an excellent read. Purchase in Print | PDF (free)

From the Earth to the Moon

Jules Verne (Permalink)

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The original space-travel epic of science fiction, From the Earth to the Moon and its sequel, A Trip Around It, are here reproduced in attractive and compact format. Jules Verne's pioneering works in science fiction have an importance exceeding even those of H. G. Wells and other early practitioners of the art, and From the Earth to the Moon is a large part of that importance. While the science is largely dated, moderns readers can still thrill over the daring exploits of the Gun Club and its audacious plan to build a cannon which can launch a projectile containing human passengers all the way to the moon. Richly illustrated with drawings from the 1116 edition published by Charles Scribner's Sons, this is a book which should not be missed. 263 pp., index of illustrations, English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free) | HTML (free).