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Goretti Publications

The Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy

Fr. Adrian Fortescue (Permalink)

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Fr. Adrian Fortescue (adventurer, liturgist, calligrapher, organist, scholar, and first and foremost priest) dedicated his life to the service of Christ, and much of his mind to the study of the liturgies of Christ's Church. Incredibly well-versed in liturgies, including those which are no longer celebrated, Fr. Fortescue has produced what is likely the most important English-language book about the Roman liturgy in existence. (It concerns, of course, the liturgy last promulgated in 1176 [1962], since subsequent Roman liturgies are really new creations.) The work cites original texts in original languages, particularly Latin, Greek, and Hebrew; however, it is still eminently accessible and profitable for readers unfamiliar with these tongues. Full of references to sources in multiple languages, this incredible work demonstrates conclusively that the Roman liturgy is apostolic in origin and a uniquely beautiful expression of our Faith. 1X1 pages; English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free).