Our Imprimatur

Goretti Publications strives always, of course, to be united with the Church of Christ. It is with great sadness that it observes the great crisis in the Church today, with which often her own ministers are complicit. Consequently, a certain policy toward obtaining (or not obtaining) imprimaturs has been developed.

Goretti Publications does not seek imprimaturs. This is permitted by Canon Law for the type of works which it publishes, which makes imprimaturs for the sort of works which Goretti Publications distributes optional. In normal times, the editor here would be the first to jump for imprimaturs from his ecclesiastical superiors; now, however, the landscape is simply too rough.

Essentially, the imprimatur (and its accompanying nihil obstat) have become meaningless. Both were intended as a badge of orthodoxy for a work, to let all faithful Catholics know that the book, while not necessarily correct on all its points, was at least safe to read. They no longer have that meaning; the crisis in the Church has reached the point that the imprimatur is no longer a reliable statement of orthodoxy. Indeed, in many places a book with the imprimatur may be more dangerous than a book without it. Consequently, obtaining this voluntary imprimatur is unnecessary, and Goretti Publications therefore declines to do so.

However, in order to express our strong and fervent desire to submit our works to the guidance and authority of the Church, Goretti Publications does include a space for the imprimatur and nihil obstat on its copyright pages. The name spaces have been left blank. This is intended to serve as a lament of the sad condition of the Church; a reminder to pray for her restoration; and a plea to bishops, that they might take up their crosiers and defend forever the Faith which has been entrusted to them by Christ and handed down from the Apostles.