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Below is a list of various links which Goretti Publications, its authors, or others have found useful for Catholics. For the reader's convenience, brief annotations have been provided. This is meant to prevent the curious Catholic from blindly clicking links in the hopes of turning up something useful to him by giving him something in the way of guidance regarding where he is going and what he will find when he gets there. Goretti Publications hopes that the reader will forgive any excess verbiage.

bibsearch is a utility for Unix clones (such as the Linuxes and the BSDs), which should also work tolerably well on Mac OS-X (from the command line) and Windows (excepting the buffer features) if they have a working version of Perl, which allows for searching the Bible in both English and Latin, with extensive reading and buffer-saving features. See the documentation for a complete discussion of its many features. An extremely useful research and spiritual tool.

The compilers have done an amazing job here collecting together hordes of writing on distributism, new and old, plus some interesting other tidbits here and there. The Chesterbelloc Mandate is a superb source for Catholic social teachings, and is recommended to any and all interested in reestablishing the Social Reign of Christ the King.

Enrique Alarcòn has done the world a great service by producing and managing the Corpus Thomisticum, a complete collection of all of St. Thomas Aquinas's works in the original Latin. It is an incredibly large task, and includes a fully operational, and remarkably successful once the simple syntax has been learned, search engine, and a very usable and easily read style. Highly recommended for all Catholics able to read the great tongue of the West. For those unable to so read, a mostly accurate (though sometimes significantly inaccurate) translation of St. Thomas's Summa Theologica can be found at New Advent's Summa page.

The The Distributist Review provides a wealth of information on all aspects of Catholic social teaching in general and distributism in particular. It includes contributors such as the eminent John Médaille, and addresses topics ranging from government subsidies to Wal-Mart all the way to the nature of money, government suppression of small businesses, and the principle of subsidiarity. There's still a lot of great article on the old site, too, so don't neglect that.

The good folks at The Douay-Rheims Bible site have done the world a great service, making both the Douay-Rheims and the Latin Vulgate available online in searchable form. Another invaluable resource.

Fish Eaters: The Whys and Hows of Traditional Catholicism is an enormously useful resource for the Catholic looking to understand his Faith and how to practice it in the world. Including everything from daily prayers, to liturgical music, to history, to papal documents, to the nature of the family, this site has many useful resources. While not every word on the site can be endorsed by Goretti Publications (its toleration, even though short of endorsement, of sedevacantism being the most salient), on the whole it is a useful, valuable tool.

For those unfamiliar with him, the writings of Dr. Rao will be an enormous treat. His wit is incisive, his insight penetrating, and his defense of traditional Catholic principles of social order unmatched in our time. He has been very generous in posting nearly all of his works on the Internet. Highly recommended for all Catholics seeking to deepen their understanding of the Church's social principles, or even simply to gain strength and encouragement in defending those principles to the world.

The New Advent site has a myriad of useful resources, including the (somewhat faulty) English Dominican Fathers translation of the Summa Theologica, many translations of the writings of the Church Fathers, and the Catholic Encyclopedia, as well as an electronic text of the Douay-Rheims Bible, complete with the Latin Vulgate text in small type after each verse. An excellent resource for the Catholic websurfer.

A collaborative effort at forming cohesive distributist theory and practical proposals for the gradual implementation of distributist principles, The New Distributist League is a nascent repository of distributist writing and thinking. Will undoubtedly become a great resource.

The S. Aurelii Augustini Opera Omnia has performed yet another great work for mankind. A large part, if not the entirety (as the title suggests), of the works of the great prince of the Fathers, St. Augustine, has been put on the Internet in its original tongue, available for all to read. Some of these works are also available in English at Augustine: Texts and Translations and the Great Books Index: St Augustine.

Penny Justice is a comparative newcomer on the Catholic social teaching scene, but offers a wealth of insightful and incisve thinking on the subject. On top of being an excellent source of material for localized agriculture, purchasing, and so on, it also boasts a semimonthly (that's twice a month) ezine, with a great deal of good information and helpful advice for better living out the social teachings of the Church.

Long on the forefront of the traditionalist fight, The Remnant remains a fecund source for Catholic thought and teaching. The website provides previews to the printed issues, including the full text of at least one article from each issue. It also has a news section which is rapidly beginning to compete with Seattle Catholic. Update: After the sad discontinuance of Seattle Catholic, this site represents the undisputed best traditional Catholic news site on the Internet. Highly recommended for all Catholics.

Seattle Catholic, unaffiliated with the Archdiocese of Seattle, is an excellent source for Catholic articles and news. As the blurb on the site itself proclaims, it is "[a] Journal of Catholic News and Views." Featuring articles by well-known mainstays of traditional Catholic thought as well as many by those relatively unknown, and frequently updating with news of relevance to Catholics, this site is a constant reference for many Catholics. Update: Sadly, Seattle Catholic has been forced to cease operations. However, its archive, both for news and articles, remains a valuable resource.

A utility second to none in the Windows environment, Vulsearch allows the searching and reading of the full text of both the Douay-Rheims translation and the Clementine Vulgate Bible. It's also fully integrated with Whitaker's Words, a superb utility providing a dictionary and parsing of Latin words. Unfortunately, it only exists for the Windows operating system; Linux users may be interested in bibsearch, which provides a command-line program with many of the same features, plus a few additional ones.