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Apologetics are, of course, one of the major ends towards which Goretti Publications is directed. Our books and other publications are intended to educate Catholics so that they might fulfil the injunction of the Apostle to be always ready to answer the objections which unbelievers bring against us, in charity and faith. (see I St. Peter 3:15). The pamphlets presented here are also intended for that purpose. They may be simply read and used or handed out to others. Each contains a brief and simple exposition of a given subject. They are classified below by the intended audience; however, they are not necessarily limited to those audiences, being useful for whomever might have questions about a particular topic. Also, some are addressed to nearly everyone; these are classified by their subject matter. Mostly such pamphlets concern moral matters.

General Information


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Agnostics, Deists, and Skeptics

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Unitarians and the Early Heresies

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The Church and Revelation

Justification and the Sacraments

Mary and the Saints

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Moral Matters

Religious Morality

Life Issues

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