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In an effort to publish more frequently, Goretti Publications is offering poetry on a more regular basis here. Published primarily in HTML (though we may eventually publish a pdf and print version, when there's enough material), we hope this will provide a source of good poetry in a world which does not have enough.

The Red Disc

Donald P. Goodman III

Fans of (or at least readers of) Stephen Crane may remember the imagery of the red disc of the sun in The Red Badge of Courage. I've always found this to be a powerful image, but sorely misused in that work. This poem describes a personal journey (not my personal journey, merely that of some person) where the red disc may still mean a wound, but not a wound of some war between feuding factions; and which has meaning far beyond such a small conflict. The Red Disc

Thanatopsis: A Reply to William Cullen Bryant

Donald P. Goodman III

William Cullen Bryant's classic poem Thanatopsis ("view of death") is still read in most American schools as an example of early nineteenth-century American poetry, and it is a fine example of that. Prior to Whitman, Bryant was likely the most famous of American poets. However, Thanatopsis provides what Christians would likely believe to be a very simplistic and depressing view of death. This poem tries to follow Bryant's lead while still giving a more enlightening view of its topic. Thanatopsis: An Answer to William Cullen Bryant