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Goretti Publications


In an effort to publish more frequently, Goretti Publications is offering poetry on a more regular basis here. Published primarily in HTML (though we may eventually publish a pdf and print version, when there's enough material), we hope this will provide a source of good poetry in a world which does not have enough.

Published Wednesdays.

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Poems from the First Year

My Brother

Donald P. Goodman III

St. Francis famously referred to his body as his "brother the ass," referring to its brutishness and the difficulty of controlling it. St. Thomas Aquinas also compared defeating temptation to supporting one side in a fight: we feed the fighter we hope will win, but we deprive the fighter we hope will lose. So when we fight aspects of our selves, we starve those aspects, and feed the aspects that we wish to rise and win. This poem echoes both these metaphors, along with a modernized version of one of Plato's famous analogies about the passions as opposed to the reason. My Brother