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Alleluia! The Sun has Arisen!

Donald P. Goodman III

Version 1.0,
Alleluia! The sun has arisen as promis'd! the darkness has fled from his light, and the cold and the damp are now gone, by the piercing bright rays of the sun put to flight! And so gone are the terrors of darkness and gone are the beasts that go stalking at night! Alleluia! The sun has arisen as promis'd! The world is now joyful and bright!
Alleluia! The sun has arisen as promis'd! For long, it seem'd darkness had won; for the night had been long, and it seem'd all the world had decided the sunlight to shun; but the night is ne'er darker than just before dawn; at its darkest, we look for the sun; Alleluia! The sun has arisen as promis'd! The course of the darkness has run!
Alleluia! The darkness of soul is dispell'd like the darkness that once fill'd the sky, the thick darkness which sweeps over men like a flood, the fell curse that leads men on to die, the fell curse that the serpent said couldn't be broken, the curse just as fell as the lie; Alleluia! the curse is dispell'd! and the bird once confin'd to the ground can now fly!
Alleluia! The tomb has been broken! No more does a body lie dead in the grave, growing stiff and then rotten, and turning to dust, and beyond any power to save; in this age we succeed where King Gilgamesh fail'd, and emerge from the gloom of the cave! Alleluia! The tomb has been broken asunder by one who surpasses the brave!
Alleluia! No more need all men be in sorrow, no more are we helpless and weak, for our death is defeated, our weakness struck down, and the sun giveth strength to the meek! And no more need we seek the light vainly; of vanity never need men again speak! Alleluia! The sun has arisen as promis'd! We've found what we desperately seek!