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The Hero's Tale

Donald P. Goodman III

Cover Image

A very long poem at 760 (decimal 1080) lines, The Hero's Tale is a detailed rumination on the journey of the soul from pagan despair to Christian hope and finally to the finish, divine love. Deeply symbolic, the poem draws on the traditional imagery of Western Christendom, particularly Gothic architecture and the Psychomachia, along with using a great deal of other traditional symbolism, especially color, time, and season. Sadly, much of this imagery is unknown in our day; the book, therefore, presents extensive marginal notes identifying the sources of its imagery in Scripture, in artistic traditions, and so forth, along with explaining the meaning of the various symbols. Originally published right here on Goretti Publications, this short booklet is a great companion to the poem, particularly those who want to more more about its deep symbolism. 31 pp., marginal notes. Purchase in Print | PDF (free)