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Basic Dozenal Arithmetic

Donald P. Goodman III

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Arithmetic has both fascinated and terrified students for countless generations. A big part of that fright, though, has been due to the use of decimal numbering. The more or less chaotic multiplication tables; the lack of easy factors, particularly for thirds; and, most of all, the lack of adequate explanation of the place notation system in general have served to make arithmetic, and by extension mathematics, an opaque subject full of magical spells that, when executed properly, will give the right result, but which are only imperfectly understood.

This text starts from the very beginning, with counting; explains place notation along with other notational systems; and goes through basic and advanced arithmetic step-by-step, with examples and exercises. Featuring answers to the exercises; a complete glossary; a table of definitions; an appendix of tables; and recommendations for further reading, the adult student should need no other text. Purchase in Print | PDF (free)