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What Faith Really Means

Rev. Henry Grey Graham

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Faith is rational; it's the response of the mind that leads us to believe based on the authority of the one who tells us. We have ``faith'' when scientists tell us that our cells each contain forty-six chromosomes, or that lithium atoms have three protons; we haven't counted them or done the experiments ourselves. It is perfectly rational for us to have this faith; those who tell us such things have authority; and we believe what they tell us precisely due to that authority.

But what about when God tells us something? Should we not respond with an even stronger faith; indeed, with a supernatural faith, a faith that only God can give us?

In this little book, Fr. Graham goes through all these things: what faith is, why we should have it, and the foundation of the authority on which we base it. An excellent resource for showing that our faith is, indeed, supernatural; but it is also rational, a necessity in this pseudo-rational age. Purchase in Print | PDF | HTML | UTF-8 Text