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The Practice of Mental Prayer

Fr. René de Maumigny

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Prayer is necessary; without it, no one can hope to be saved. Christ gave us the perfect examples of prayer: in the Lord's Prayer; in the Garden of Olives. Christ constantly prayed, and His Apostle St. Paul told us to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thes. 5:17).

But how are we to do this? How can we possibly pray without ceasing? How do we pray without merely mouthing words, without care or devotion in our souls? Should our prayer be merely verbal, or mental? If the latter, how do we actually conduct mental prayer?

Fr. de Maumigny explains to us how excellent prayer is; why it is so important; and, crucially, how to do it. Particularly, he explains how we should begin to pray, and how we should progress in prayer. He tells us what difficulties to expect and how to overcome them. This book, an easy but incredibly important read, is an important resource for any Catholic. Purchase in Print | PDF | HTML | UTF-8 Text