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A Manual of Catholic Theology

Joseph Wilhelm; Patrick B. Scannell

Cover Image

In the grand tradition of St. Anselm's famous phrase, Fides quærens intellectum ("Faith seeking understanding"), this short manual of Catholic theology gives the English-speaking reader an insight into the treasure-box of the Church's theological thinking. The authors have admirably distilled centuries of thought and development into an accessible and compact form, allowing layman and seasoned theologian alike access to these incalculable riches.

Starting from the standpoint of faith, first and foremost, and applying human reason to faith in the tradition of St. Thomas Aquinas, the authors lead us through all the major topics of revelation: what revelation is, Who God is, what God has made, how creation has fallen, how God has chosen to redeem it, and what are our last ends.

Over the course of these two volumes, the reader will increasingly apply St. Anselm's other great maxim: Credo ut intelligam ("I believe so that I might understand"). The reader cannot help but have a better and more thorough understanding of the divine Faith after reading these great manuals.