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Ecclesiastical Latin

Donald P. Goodman

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Latin has long served not only as a tool of the Church, but as the guardian of her treasures; not merely a guardian of her treasures, but also as a guardian of the guardians. Philosophy, theology, even logic itself served to protect the Desposit of Faith that Christ has entrusted to His Church; but Latin stood to protect philosophy, theology, and logic.

Though in recent decades one might be forgiven for thinking that this powerful guardian had been abandoned by the Church, its importance has never been more pronounced. The Church's riches, given to her by Christ, have never and can never go anywhere; but it is our lot, our task, to protect them, and to pass them down as they have been passed to us. What better tool to protect the Faith than the language we have relied upon to protect it already, for so long?

Learn to understand this language, at least a little, and you are opening to yourself the great riches of Christian civilization, and making yourself one of those great guardians.

Laudetur Jesus Christus!

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