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Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described

Fr. Adrian Fortescue

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Fr. Adrian Fortescue (adventurer, liturgist, calligrapher, organist, scholar, and first and foremost priest) dedicated his life to the service of Christ, and much of his mind to the study of the liturgies of Christ's Church. In an effort to help support his parish church, St. Hugh, Father Fortescue decided to correct a long-standing lacuna in English-language Catholic literature: the lack of a thorough guide to the liturgical ceremonies of a normal parish church. In so doing, he created a masterpiece, a faithful guide that has assisted English-speaking Catholics throughout the world ever since. Covering the ceremonies of the Mass, first and foremost; the specific ceremonies of the liturgical year; the other sacraments celebrated in parish churches or in homes; and the ceremonies of the ritual, this work is comprehensive and immensely instructive. Completely retypeset, with the text optically scanned and then carefully edited by hand for correctness, this edition also presents completely redrawn diagrams of all the ceremonies, as well as a page detailing the common appearance of a few of the vestments referenced in the work. A treasure for any Roman Catholic library. 309 pp., English. Purchase in Print | PDF (free).