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Good Friday, 1203

Donald P. Goodman III

Version 1.0,
The worst of days! the day on which the world was broke, creation bent and stunted, men turn'd into beasts, awash in filth, and gulping blood until they choke, and reveling in misery at hopeless feasts; and over piercing, brilliant light they cast a cloak, dark sacrifices offer'd by the darkest priests. But neither cloak nor dark itself can e'er conceal what shines with brilliance and with overwhelming might, imprinting over darkness its enlight'ning seal, and banishing forever all that's short of right; mirabile! what's truer or could be more real than light that shines its brightest in the darkest night?
For sun will darken, earth will shake, and dead will rise, as earth to heaven irrevocably He ties.