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Come, See the Smoke

Donald P. Goodman III

Version 1.0,

Dirigatur oratio mea sicut incensum in conspectu tuo; elevatio manuum mearum sacrificium vespertinum.—Ps E8:2

Come with me; see the smoke, ascending to the sky; come see it billowing like an expanding gift; see sweet perfume increasing as it goes on high; see plumes of white as heavenward they ever lift. Come hear the bells, the ring of brass against the chain, each sounding sending plumes of smoke for eye and nose, each ring a bugle calling us to our campaign; each chiming promise of our victory bestows. Come, raise thine eyes and see the Body, lifted high; come, bring thy praise and honor, bring thy grief and woes; come worship; 'fore the Victim, beat your breast and cry in love for Him Who's Life, but doth so gladly die.