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A Nightmare Neverending

Donald P. Goodman III

Version 1.0,
A nightmare neverending, like a knotted noose a-tight'ning, ever tauter, choking in the dark; still tearing me, like torture, tears now flowing loose, a veil a-low'ring, vicious, loathsome, vile, and stark; a deaf'ning veil, a vessel of the dead'ning night, a terrifying twilight over all descends; a blackness blocking all, a botulistic blight, a death-producing dark, it mauls but never mends. No light by men laid out can lance the monstrous mass, the cloak that covers all our eyes until our ends; no pyre, however, high, this pall can e'er surpass; our po'er cannot our sickly souls' pale pallor pass.