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O Rex Magne

Donald P. Goodman III

Version 1.0,

Note: An informal English translation is presented underneath the text.

O rex magne imperator! Super omnes res regnator! Potens et terribilis!
Rex es jure sanguinale, heres, ex patre regale, David, servi fidelis!
Diu Israel promissus, de cippo ramus emissus, virga Jesse radice.
Ejus gente expectatus, justus rex et celebratus, regnans jure sanguine!
Et jure creationis, Filius dilectionis Rex in locis omnibus!
Naturæ omnis fundator, universi et creator, magnis potentatibus!
Quod jus majus possibile quam hoc opus mirabile, et facta subtilia?
Rex qui nos redemit, ave! onere dura, insuave! Facta ineffabilia!
Et qui meruit stellarum solum coronam spinarum ex recepit homine!
Homines, qui sunt ingrati, redempti et sunt salvati, ab ejus regimine!
Juste omnes sibi sedem statuunt sub ejus pedem, grati regi salutis!
Omnis rex in terris subdit regi se qui reges regit, vitam dat his parvulis!
Gloriam nos regi demus! Eum semper nos laudemus! Honoremus amanter!
Semper palam serviamus! super omnes diligamus! Adora infiniter!
Patri, Filio offeram Spirituique gloriam!

English Translation: O Great King

O great ruling king! Ruler over all things! Terrible and mighty!
King by right of blood, Heir, from Thy royal father, David, the faithful servant!
Long promised to Israel, From the stump a branch come out, A rod from the root of Jesse.
Looked for by His people, A just and celebrated king, Ruling by blood-right!
And by right of creation, the Son of Love is King in all places!
Maker of all nature and creator of the universe with great powers!
What greater right is possible than this miraculous work, these sublime deeds?
O King Who redeemed us, hail! By a hard, harsh labor! Incomprehensible deeds!
And He Who deserved a crown of stars Received only one of thorns from man.
Men, who are ungrateful are redeemed and saved by His kingdom!
Justly everyone puts his seat under His foot, grateful to the king of salvation!
Let every king in the lands subdue himself to the king Who rules kings, gives life to these little ones!
Let us give glory to the king! Let us always praise Him! Let us lovingly honor Him!
Let us always openly serve Him! Let us love Him above all things! Adore Him infinitely!
To the Father, the Son, and the Spirit let me offer glory!