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The Dove of Fire

Donald P. Goodman III

Version 1.0,
Sing alleluia! for the dove awash in flame of red and purest white has stak'd eternal claim upon the poor and broken, sick and weak and lame;    Alleluia!
All we who froze in frigid darkness for so long, for countless, lightless ages winter did prolong, are thaw'd and warm'd by fire, and to the King belong;    Alleluia!
This dove of cleanest white, with flames for wing and plume; this fire which burns e'er hotter but doth not consume; this warmth which helps and keeps us, e'en beyond the tomb;    Alleluia!
Sing alleluia! We have not been left alone to muddle helpless in the dark and on our own; beneath these fiery wings we're carried to the throne!    Alleluia!