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Goretti Publications


Published more or less randomly, when things are ready.

The Meeting of the Minds: 4 May 2020

The Great Awakening

The team which will save the world is assembled, and we meet a number of characters who will be important over the next week, along with one who will be with us for quite a bit longer. The great gravity, and likely impossibility, of their task weighs heavily.

John Knighton: 4 May 2020

The Great Awakening

Here we meet John Knighton, one of the main characters of our story. John will be a constant presence throughout the text, though here he seems to be of very little importance. We also get to see a little of how the plague spreads throughout the United States.

The Arrival: 4 May 2020

The Great Awakening

In this first section of Chapter 2, we meet the general who will be in charge of dealing with the newly-arrived plague in the United States, along with his assistant, and hear a little about how he expects to do so.

The Great Awakening, I:I: Patient Zero

The Great Awakening, Part I

The beginning chapter of a long saga with many characters, many locations, and a great expanse of time and place. There are three hundred pages thus far in the draft of Part I, so stay tuned! While we don't meet any of the characters of this part again, there are dozens to meet, to love and to hate, and I think you'll find them all compelling and interesting. The story puts these characters into some very stressful and abnormal situations, which really helps bring out who they are. I feel like I know them personally, and I trust the reader will feel that way before long, as well.


A standalone short story

Sort of a combination of horror and philosophical fiction, this short story delves into and dwells upon the nightmare that is an immortal soul without supernatural redemption. The reader will notice that the main character is without the consolation of religion; this factor is by design. Only Christianity can really resolve the conundrum of the philosophical certainty of the immortality of the soul combined with the problem of evil. Our main character's depression, then, is reasonable---and horrifying.