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Goretti Publications

Goretti Publications is a private organization that pays its own way. It is run largely by a single person, who has a day job and a family to support. He does it because he thinks it's worthwhile; but producing these books and other materials (not to mention maintaining this website) takes a good deal of time and effort, and it sure would be easier to justify that time and effort to himself and his family if it brought in a little income.

Therefore, any support you can offer is most graciously appreciated, and goes toward making more great books and other materials available at no charge.

Patreon Donation In Kind Donations
Direct donations; either one-time, or monthly, or however you want to do it. Recurrent donations; each month, you donate a certain amount. A great way to ensure a steady stream of income for hosting expenses and the like. In-Kind: Artwork or other contributions for book covers, internal illustrations, and so forth.

On the left is Paypal; it will allow you to make a one-time monetary donation, or to set up repeated donation if you'd like. (Really; even a dollar a month would be helpful.) Most major credit cards will work.

In the center is Patreon; Patreon allows you to support Goretti Publications in a more traditional way. You pay a small amount each month, even as small as $1. It only takes a little to defray the costs of this site.

Finally, there's In Kind. If you're an artist, or are otherwise talented, your assistance would be most welcome. Book cover design and illustrations are Goretti's biggest challenge, and any assistance you can provide would be a huge support to us.

Thank you for your generosity, and God bless you.