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The Two Trees

Donald P. Goodman III

Version 1.0,
The trees stand side by side, a man between the two and to them both he casts his sad and weary gaze, and weak, exhausted, broken, one he must pursue: upon one or the other he must end his days; and to the West stood one, a crooked, broken tree, and swinging from it was a broken man, a rope suspending head unharmed and slumped, arms loose and free, and swaying in the breeze, beyond all help and hope; and to the East and facing north, a straighter tree, a broken body fastened to it, hands and feet, but arms outstretched, embracing earth and sky and sea, his face so pained! so worn out from a work complete! So West or East, O man? Where point your weary way? At which tree's foot will you find your eternal seat? At one the body will forever freely sway; but at the other, suff'ring faces break of day!