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To Walk

Donald P. Goodman III

Version 1.0,
As the Canada goose stretches out its broad wings and prepares for its flight to the south, and with all of its flock traces thousands of miles with its strange, happy honk in its mouth; though the glad warmer climes it is seeking are past all the mountains and deserts there are, they just fly one short way at a time; going near, before long they have gone very far.
Even more are the monarchs, so fragile and small, and so delicate, one is amazed as they make their way south a long three thousand miles, though against them a continent's raised; and they want to return, but their lives have been spent, so a journey that one has begun must be finished o'er five generations; so many have died ere the journey is done!
And so I, though a man, have been given my legs, and with them I can do mighty deeds; I can make any journey I wish; only road and my will my own destiny leads; What a marvel! A man with two legs! Though they're small, by their steps we can move a great way! Those two powerful tools which can move us one step at a time to wheree'er our minds say!