Adventures in Numbers, Measurement, and Math

The Dedication

This is a personal page explaining the meaning of the abbreviation at the top of the pages of this site. If that doesn't interest you, then please just hit "back." Otherwise, read on. The dedication you clicked on to get here is religious in nature, and Christian and Catholic in particular; it represents the views of the author of these pages, not necessarily of anyone else in the dozenal movement.

I wish that without the blessing of God nothing that I do should ever come to fruition. I wish that my publications and efforts for the glory of God should be merely an extension of my own interior life, and I know that without being such an extension, if they are merely external works, they will be of no good to anybody. Consequently I dedicate everything I do, first and last, beginning and ending, to Christ Our True God, Who blesses us each day with His True Presence.

I do this by means of the dedication at the top of every one of my pages, and included in every one of my books and articles. This dedication is shorthand for the Latin ad majorem Dei gloriam, which means "for the greater glory of God." All of my works are intended for that purpose. I pursue this dedication, for the greater glory of God, in part by including this dedication. It is deeply meaningful for me, as well as for anyone who shares my faith.