Adventures in Numbers, Measurement, and Math


Dozenalism is the position that ten, as a base for a number system, is inferior to the dozen, twelve. This site offers arguments for that proposition; some examples of the superiority of the dozen as a number base; tools for using the dozenal base; and more. Please, explore and enjoy the wonderful world of the dozen.

TGM: A Coherent Dozenal Metrology

v1.6; corrects an error in the units appendix (a very small one) regarding the equivalent of the Emelectron in coulombs.

The Dozenal Establishment Act

v1.0; puts forth an outline of a possible method of establishing the dozenal system in a country.

Dozenal Division of the Circle

v1.0; justifies TGM's establishment of the straight angle as the basic unit of angle.

Why TGM isn't Based on "Fundamental Constants"

Justifies Pendlebury's decision not to base TGM on fundamental constants.