Adventures in Numbers, Measurement, and Math

TGM Clock

The HTML5 applet below displays an analog clock showing TGM time. The red hand ticks away Tims ("ticks"), running through a biciaTim (100 Tims; or, in decimal, 144 Tims) each time it completes the circle. The blue hand, logically, represents biciaTims, or "bictics," also completing a bicia of said units each time it completes the circle. That is equivalent to a quadquaTim, or an hour; the black hand keeps track of those, completing an unqua, or dozen, of them each time it finishes the circle.

Full TimeShort Time

The digital clocks below the analog simply show "full time" in both TGM and our current mongrel dozenal/decimal/sexagesimal system, and likewise "short time." Short time in TGM means hours and biciaTims; in our current system, it means hours and minutes.

The analog clock on this page is adapted from a script on, released LGPL as specified at